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Being aware of God in your life is the difference between normalcy and greatness. God's knowledge of the end from the beginning makes your present a lot more peaceful.

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At the Last Supper, Jesus gave us the example of how to be Christian leaders. He loved, even when they were unlovely. He served others with no concern about Himself. He was willing to do the unpleasant thing with no thought of what He wanted to do.

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If you are not a faithful person, it really doesn't matter how smart, educated, or charismatic you are. You will hop from one difficult situation to the next. Learn the three keys to being faithful.

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Possibly the most important lesson Jesus taught us is that God loves us like a father. God is not distant or angry, but He is always with us and for us.

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Life can get old but God promises us in Him there is always a New Beginning. Sometimes that new beginning involves changing perspectives about us and Him. 
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The key to success in every area of your life is being teachable.

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When we've done all else, we STAND.

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This is the second sermon of the Awaken series taught by Pastor Cindy Long.

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Our most powerful weapon is the Holy Spirit.

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The attributes of God are revealed in the way our mothers love us.

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