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This is the first session of our 2016 Women's conference, taught by Becca Greenwood.

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Taught by Pastor Mike Rosas. The call to greater fruitfulness and destiny is found in true identity and renewed covenant. This week's message challenges us to hear from God for our true identity and renew our covenant with Him for our destiny.

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Taught by Pastor Mike Rosas. Our current struggles will only hold us back as long as we stay where we're at. Through the story of Jacob, we find the call to live Holy.

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Sunday School taught by Mike Rosas

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Taught by Pastor James Long. The Blood of Jesus gives us access and favor with God.

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Sunday School taught by Mike Rosas. An in-depth look at the 1st and 2nd Timothy gives us insight into principles and keys to living the Christian life victoriously. Chapter 1 starts off with a bang reminding us of our foundation in Jesus and the inerrant word of God.
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Repentance is the first step to position ourselves for God to restore what sin has stolen.

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We can get so caught up in the fact that life is good, that the situations around us can become nuisances instead of calls to action. This is the moment the church has been created for...may be found rising to the occasion.

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Don't get lost looking at the footnotes of circumstances, in the book of purpose you were created to live for.
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