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It is very common for families no to be able to talk freely in a secure setting. In this sermon we learn why this is crucial and how to build an honest family.

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One of the keys to powerful prayer is having a prayer partner. For where two or more are gathered in His name, He is in the midst of them.

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We were designed by God to need Him and eachother.

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In the bible, Jesus tells us that we will all experience stormy whether but a family built on Him, our Rock, will withstand the storm. 

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One of the main tools the enemy uses against us is discouragement. Pastor James gives 3 keys to defeating discouragement in your life.

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How to go about relationships according to scripture. 

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In this sermon, Pastor James explains how to choose not to fear. 

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God is bigger than your worry, anxiety, and fear. 

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"I Changed My Mind About My Attitude Part 2" expands on why we should have a good attitude.

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