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Despite the cultural problems having to do with the Christmas season, it is still the time for us Christians to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

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Being able to trust God in every area of our lives is very important. What are God's personality traits that make Him so very worthy of our trust?

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Featuring Doug Stringer

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The three exclusive standards of Christianity are salvation by grace, an intimate relationship with God, and daily empowerment by God to succeed in every area of our lives.

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Jesus set an incredible example during His relatively short life. He obeyed God, served others, and sympathized with sinful people, all in absolute humility.

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It can't be my own way, the popular way, the easy way, or the profitable way. The only way is Jesus.

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God healed Pastor Ruth from AIDS and led her to found "Widows Intercessors Ministries" in 1999. WIM helps over 2000 widows and their families throughout Uganda and other African countries.

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The two areas of gatekeeping that keep our families safe and blessed are personal entry points and parenting accesses to your childrens' lives.

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Jesus is reinvesting authority to you and me so we can protect our families from the attacks of Satan.

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It is very common for families no to be able to talk freely in a secure setting. In this sermon we learn why this is crucial and how to build an honest family.

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