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At 10:30am on Easter Sunday, Pastor James Long shared how Jesus is everything we need, our friend, our Savior, our intercessor, and the most important - Jesus is the Lamb of God, who takes away our sin.

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This is the 8:30a Easter Service taught by Pastor Mike Rosas. Jesus' victory over death and Hell is the foreshadowing of what every believer lives when they are led by the Shepherd.

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Although not created for us, Hell is still a reality for everyone alive today and sadly many dead. Hear the Bible's vivid description of what awaits those who do not have faith in Christ. We are hopeful this message will inspire you to never want to go there and to make sure you do whatever you can to stop everyone you know from going there.
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Our limited time here on Earth is but a .000000000000000001th of a percent of your life. God explains in-depth about the Eternal home He has created for those of us who have faith in Jesus. From purpose to extreme rewards, find about all that Heaven has to offer.

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Our life on Earth is given for enjoyment and fulfillment of expression of our purpose here on Earth. God creates this beautiful place we call home in the hopes that we will enjoy our life here on Earth, but also so that it will tempt us into an Eternity with Him. Although life here is amazing, it is training for the rest of our lives.

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We all battle with self righteousness. It affects how we see ourselves, others, and God.

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