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Waiting on God is always part of His plan for your life. It takes faith to trust Him enough to wait on His promises.

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Your faith will naturally operate based on your image of God and how much you trust Him.

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The Bible gives us a vast amount of information about the end times. The purpose is to give the generation living at the end a clear warning to prepare for the return of Christ and avoid the coming judgment. Furthermore, the Bible describes the end times as a time of unique technological capabilities and advancements in travel, all of which are present today and unique to this generation.

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Another sign of Jesus' return is the fall of morality in the world.

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Time is at a tipping point. In our generation, we’ll witness a series of imminent prophetic events that will trigger the end of the age. But it’s not something to fear—Bible prophecy is a gift from God. It reveals what will happen when the tipping point of time has been reached and how we can prepare for it.

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