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Christianity and the Bible are under attack, and traditional moral values are being rejected: this is a major sign of the end times. Scripture tells us that, before the return of Christ, there will be a great falling away. Many in the world will reject God, and 50 percent of the church will reject God. The presence of true believers restrains the Antichrist. When Jesus returns and takes the true believers in a twinkling of an eye—the rapture—then the tribulation will begin.

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Pastor Jimmy Evans begins the Tipping Point series with a message titled, "Israel at a Tipping Point," where he talks about events in the world today and the status of Israel as signs of the end times.

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We will be only as close to God as our concept of Him will allow. He wants to be our Father. It is crucial that we break the orphan spirit off our hearts and let him be our Daddy.

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