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Everything you say and do paints a picture of who Christ is in your life. He desires for you to be His greatest masterpiece.

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For Gateway to grow and be healthy, we must aggresively reach out to our community and have a healthy small group ministry.

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Gateway can thrive and grow as we equip every member to minister and empower them to become who God designed them to be.

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As a church family we must build and preserve biblical unity by humbly depending on the Holy Spirit, walking in love as we focus on the essentials of the faith, submitting to authority, and dealing with problems and offenses quickly and biblically.

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The Four Promises of Unity

1) Unlimited Potential

2) Supernatural Anointing and Blessing

3) Supernatural Power

4) Answered Prayer

These are offered to any married couple or church who takes this issue seriously and commits to working at being unified.

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