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God has been faithful and good this past year through victories and difficulties. No matter what the future holds, He commands us to be strong and courageous, because He will be with us wherever we go.

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Final Sermon of the Christmas Story

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This is the first sermon of the Christmas Story series.

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Biblical meditation is a powerful weapon that will give you victory in your thought life.

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Featuring Guest Speaker Eddie Smith

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Even believers can open doors to demonic oppression in their lives. Thankfully we can also close those doors and bind the enemy's attacks on our lives. "Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world."

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Demons and their effects on believers are very real today. However, we have the authority and power to be absolutely free from demonic oppression.

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Featuring guest speaker: Eddie Smith.

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Hebrews 4:16 encourages us to come boldly to the throne of grace so we can find mercy when we need it. II Peter 1:3 tells us that He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. God has moved on our behalf; it's our move.

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God is looking for men and women who are willing to spend time with and help younger generations.

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God is looking for men and women who are willing to live lives that can be modeled- not perfect, but teachable.

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God has a specific answer to the question, “Why am I here?” but He’s the only one who can give it to you.

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We are all called to ministry. We have all been given different gifts, and we all have something God is calling us to do in the kingdom of God.

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Our calling is to be light to a dark world, but we are not going to glow with God’s light unless we grow, and we are not going to grow unless we spend time with Jesus.

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Leaving a legacy of faith requires biblical priorities: your relationship with God, your spouse, and your children.

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Waiting on God is always part of His plan for your life. It takes faith to trust Him enough to wait on His promises.

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Your faith will naturally operate based on your image of God and how much you trust Him.

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The Bible gives us a vast amount of information about the end times. The purpose is to give the generation living at the end a clear warning to prepare for the return of Christ and avoid the coming judgment. Furthermore, the Bible describes the end times as a time of unique technological capabilities and advancements in travel, all of which are present today and unique to this generation.

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Another sign of Jesus' return is the fall of morality in the world.

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Time is at a tipping point. In our generation, we’ll witness a series of imminent prophetic events that will trigger the end of the age. But it’s not something to fear—Bible prophecy is a gift from God. It reveals what will happen when the tipping point of time has been reached and how we can prepare for it.

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Christianity and the Bible are under attack, and traditional moral values are being rejected: this is a major sign of the end times. Scripture tells us that, before the return of Christ, there will be a great falling away. Many in the world will reject God, and 50 percent of the church will reject God. The presence of true believers restrains the Antichrist. When Jesus returns and takes the true believers in a twinkling of an eye—the rapture—then the tribulation will begin.

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Pastor Jimmy Evans begins the Tipping Point series with a message titled, "Israel at a Tipping Point," where he talks about events in the world today and the status of Israel as signs of the end times.

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We will be only as close to God as our concept of Him will allow. He wants to be our Father. It is crucial that we break the orphan spirit off our hearts and let him be our Daddy.

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Everything you say and do paints a picture of who Christ is in your life. He desires for you to be His greatest masterpiece.

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For Gateway to grow and be healthy, we must aggresively reach out to our community and have a healthy small group ministry.

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Gateway can thrive and grow as we equip every member to minister and empower them to become who God designed them to be.

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As a church family we must build and preserve biblical unity by humbly depending on the Holy Spirit, walking in love as we focus on the essentials of the faith, submitting to authority, and dealing with problems and offenses quickly and biblically.

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The Four Promises of Unity

1) Unlimited Potential

2) Supernatural Anointing and Blessing

3) Supernatural Power

4) Answered Prayer

These are offered to any married couple or church who takes this issue seriously and commits to working at being unified.

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Being unified in our passion for God and His purposes in our community is the most crucial goal of Gateway. God loves and blesses unity in His people and hates division in His church.

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A spirit of excellence is not optional, because we represent an excellent Savior.

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Gateway is a church commissioned by Christ, anchored by God's Word, and soaring with the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Pastor James outlines what we will focus on in the upcoming years of Gateway.

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Unhealthy comparison is a tool the enemy uses to accuse God. It will produce either pride or defeat in us. Pastor James teaches us how to trust that God is working in us and others.

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Fear of having no money is very common, even among believers. It is possible to have absolute financial peace as we trust in our rich and loving heavenly Father, and submit all our financial decisions to Him.

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Worry and anxiety are not normal, unavoidable, or harmless. They are tools the enemy uses to rob us of joy and to prevent us from enjoying God and the people in our life. Pastor James gives us the keys to overcoming worry and anxiety.

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Fear of death keeps us in bondage and from doing God's will in our lives. We can overcome it by understanding the reality of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

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Pastor James tells us how to overcome our fear of what others are thinking about and live to please God only, so we'll never compromise our beliefs or behavior.

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Our response to authority is very important to us and to God. Even Jesus as He headed to the cross obeyed authority rather than doing what He wanted to.

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By Jesus' own words, God is very serious about His commandment to forgive.

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We can overcome the most difficult circumstances in our lives by following Jesus' example as He went to the cross.

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference Featuring Joe McGee

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Family Conference featuring Joe McGee

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Joe McGee

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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life Series

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It is crucial that, as the church, we understand our purpose; to give our lives to promote the gospel. And this allows us to truly find our lives in the process. Listen as Pastor James preaches on the importance of sharing the love of Christ in our world.

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Jesus has given His warrior bride full authority to persevere against the enemy and has equipped us for success in the battle.

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